How Stiffy's bar got it's name at 7th and Walnut....

Jeff and Kelly Ford bought the Black Angus Steakhouse on 3rd street in 2007.  They reopened it as J. Ford's Black Angus and were at that location for 9 years before moving the steakhouse.   

In April of 2015 Jeff and Kelly bought the building at 7th and Walnut, formerly Hienl's Flower shop, which was built in 1901.  They sold their house and are now living in the space upstairs.  They, along with their family of two dogs and a cat, have well adjusted to living the urban life.  In addition to converting the building to a restaurant they also built, from the ground up, a new, state-of-the-art, kitchen. The move has been great and they love being a part of Downtown Terre Haute.  In addition to a new kitchen, they have 70, off street, parking spaces for their customers just caddy corner from the new restaurant location. 

And here is how Stiffy Green is tied to this building...

 They have tried to maintain the history of the building while bringing in some additional Terre Haute lore.  The bar is named after "The Legend of Stiffy Green".  One popular legend is Stiffy was John G. Hienl's beloved dog who died of a broken heart hanging out at Mr. Heinl's grave sight.  Another story is it was a statue given to John G. Heinl as a gift from his brother in law, Eugene V. Debs.  Please come and enjoy the historic building while enjoying J. Ford's Food and Hospitality.





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